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IXEG 737-300 for X-PLANE
IXEG 737-300 for X-PLANE
Written SPECIFICALLY for the IXEG 737-300 on X-PLANE. This is THE BOOK for the flight simmer that fills in the gaps and makes the whole paradigm complete.

Shamrock Mustang: The man Who Died Twice (download version)
Shamrock Mustang: The man Who Died Twice (download version)
His first novel and it is about flying. Captain Mike Ray tells a strange tale set in the skies over a World War Two torn European landscape. Once Jack meets Maggie, they become a team dedicated to challenging the Germans in head to head mortal combat.
$9.95 $4.95

STOOFDRIVER download version
STOOFDRIVER download version
Here it is in all its beautiful full color glory, the 200 page "Stoofdriver" book in pdf format. You can download it to your e-book reader or your monitor and be prepared for a visual feast. It is packed with photographs and text.

Then and Now: Cartoons about Airline Pilots
Then and Now: Cartoons about Airline Pilots
A pdf copy of the collectible paperback version. Viewable wherever you can load pdf files; such as your tablet or e-book reader. Enjoy meeting Captain Mike's zany cockpit crews as they provide a few laughs and humorous situations for our enjoyment. Great

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