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Flying the Boeing 700 Series (COIL BLACK/WHITE) for Home PC Flight Simulators
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If you are "brand new to simming". if you have finally made the plunge and purchased one of the terrific Boeing flight simulations that are appearing in the marketplace... you gotta include this book in your list of "MUST HAVE" ITEMS. The mysteries of flying the Boeing "glass" are revealed in a humorous, interesting, and easy to read format. This book is written for both beginners and veteran simmers like in mind.


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Reviewer: Robert Yunque
02/20/2015 09:51pm
I have ALL of Cpt. Mike Ray's sim books, but this is the first one that I ever purchased and it is the one that got me started flying complex airliners in FSX, like the PMDG 737NGX and their new PMDG Boeing 777.
Reading the actual Boeing technical manuals for these aircraft is very difficult and for someone starting out, who is unfamiliar with the systems and terminology, it's like trying to navigate through an Amazon rain forest without a compass.
Cpt. Mike Ray makes reading and learning to fly these complex airliners, like he did for many years as a professional pilot, so easy and fun to learn.
He makes the confusing maze of buttons, switches, knobs, dials and gauges that make up a beautiful Boeing or Airbus flight deck, as intuitive, natural and comfortable to manipulate as getting into your family mini-van and driving to work in the morning with a breakfast biscuit and cup of coffee in one hand and a iPhone in the other.
Choose the "Boeing 700 Series". It is a great book to get you started flying Boeings like a pro. As I did, you will surely hunger to read all of Cpt. Mike Ray's colorful aircraft wisdom, as written in his Boeing and Airbus books.
If you love flying these airliners in FSX, X-Plane or P3D, you will constantly refer back to these books over and over again. I always have one close by when I'm city hopping.

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