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737 Classic Pilot Handbook (B/W COIL BOUND VERSION)
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Captain Mike's "737-300, 400, 500 Pilot Handbook" is recommended as "excellent and works nicely as a follow along guide" for the IXEG 737. Filled with beautiful illustrations and graphics that accentuate the treasure trove of Guppy information.This book has been the tutorial of choice for literally hundreds of airline pilots wanting to "get ready" for their initial and recurrent and check-ride. Profusely populated with hundreds of original artwork and diagrams and written in that easy-to-read Captain Mike style. Great resource for pilots and simmers alike. 6" X 9", coil bound, black and white, 400+ pages.


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Reviewer: Rhys Legge
11/08/2016 05:08pm
These books by Mike are fantastic. The 737 was always a mystery to me, particularly the FMS. The way the flows are set up really gives you an excellent grasp of the proper operation of this machine. The ixeg 737 is an amazing machine, and in my opinion you need a good reference and training guide to get the most out of it. This book fits the bill perfectly. The only training manual I ever read that I would consider fun to read!
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